9 Places To Visit in a Parallel Universe of Masholand

“If you close your eyes and imagine a yellow door, it will immediately appear next to you. The invisible path that looks like islands, will lead you to the illuminated door — the entrance of a parallel universe called Masholand.”

In Summer 2013 I was doing a design internship in Hanoi, Vietnam. One day I was sitting at the office when suddenly I felt the urge of expressing myself in a new creative form. I drew my first character illustration and have not stopped since then. This is how I discovered Masholand.

Masholand is an endless surface — hovering in the white airspace. Likewise other worlds, it is inhabited by different various creatures. Each one of them has a fantastic imagination — whatever they imagine will grow out of the surface and will stay there until their wish disappears.

In Masholand you can create your own environment and experience the result of your imagination, but there are a couple of existing places that are worth exploring:


Lots of mystery surrounds Night Dream’s Park. Here you can find, watch and even join any night dream that anyone has ever had. You can create one by yourself and put it under the pillow before you go to bed; you will have that dream at night.

Book a guided tour to visit the park, and at sunrise, enjoy the stunning glow of the rising sun between daydreams and night.


If you are willing to travel fast in Masholand, you should consider picking up one of the dandelions. You will experience a pleasant view on the way and will be left at your desired destination.


There’s simply no place else in Masholand like Green Pond of Laughter. The water of this pond is a medicine for all grumpy spirits out there. Whoever drinks it, will remember all the happy/funny times and will be released from any tension.


Moon’s Whisper is an icon for adventurers. Cross this river at night and you will discover all the secrets the moon holds.


The green river that keeps all the lost fishes of the universe can help you find your way whenever you feel lost in life. You just need to cross the river and drink three drops of water.


The most visited and photographed river in Masholand. Filled with billions of fireflies, the water shines at night and illuminates paths tonight travelers.


This incredible collection of rock formations is one of the most amazing in Masholand. This is the home for most of the Stone-Eaters and a three-headed sage, who can teach and help you develop your imagination.


The surreal nests were originally built by Stone-Eaters. Today, however, is well inhabited by Nosy Birds, that’s why there was a need to build the second one too. The visitors will have a unique chance to see Nosy Birds' lifestyle and even hear them sing every afternoon.


No one really knows the story behind the Cloud’s Village. The view of Masholand below is breathtaking. The clouds have many doors and windows — allowing you to go in and explore mysterious areas, but be careful, because the overall knowledge about Cloud’s Village is quite cloudy.

Even though the listed places are limited, there are way more to discover in multi-dimensional Masholand. We promise to add more areas little by little.

Which destination is your favorite? If by chance you come across a new place, don’t forget to sketch it and share the map with other travelers.

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Designer, illustrator, founder of Masholand. A New NFT collection is coming soon: https://linktr.ee/mashoverse